Doctor Who: Why Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Is Already PERFECT

With 'The Woman Who Fell To Earth', the 13th Doctor is off to a great start.

Doctor Who Trailer

After over a year away - save for the Christmas Special - Doctor Who is back on our screens, although with more than one notable difference.

Series 11 of the series has a brand new timeslot, shifting across to Sunday nights, a new showrunner in Chris Chibnall and, biggest of all, a brand new Doctor in the form of Jodie Whittaker.

It's always an event whenever there's a new incumbent of the TARDIS (not that Thirteen is actually there yet) and even more so when it's paired with a new showrunner, and luckily premiere episode The Woman Who Fell To Earth mostly lives up to it. It's not a flawless instalment by any means, with a weak, dull villain and some rather predictable plotting, but the onus here is very much on introducing us to the new Time Lady (and Chibnall's vision for the series), which is where it works best.

An absolute breath of fresh air, Whittaker's superb performance puts all the doubts to bed and gender-swapping controversy behind her, delivering a pitch-perfect take on the iconic role. It's not just that Whittaker is the Doctor; Whittaker *IS* the Doctor.

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