Tuesday 23rd April 2013

After asking Sharon to move back in with him, Phil announces his true feelings for her, and confesses he’s in love with her. He then suggests they should take things to the next level and make a go at having a relationship. Will the recently jilted Sharon agree? The dodgy looking gang return to get revenge on Liam by chatting to his younger sister, Tiffany, leading Liam to suggest that Bianca moves in with her hubby Rickey.

Thursday 25th April 2013

After a brick is thrown into the window of number 31, a terrified Liam stays at home alone to wait for the glazier but soon finds nasty Kane in the house. Worried about Max’s feelings for Tanya, Kirsty tails him into Booty’s and is horrified to catch her smiling husband exiting the salon flat.

Friday 26th April 2013

Thinking Max has been cheating on her, Kirsty packs up his things, but she’s shocked to find out she’s got it all wrong – he’s rented them the salon flat! Meanwhile, Michael plots to convince that motherhood is not for Janine, after she abandoned her premature for months on end with her father. He books her in for a series of baby and mother classes with what Janine classes as “common muck”.

Next Week…

Realizing he can’t fight Janine, Michael decides to kidnap Scarlet and a shocked Lola discovers a collapsed and cold out Sharon…

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