Emmys 2017: 9 Ups & 6 Downs

An incredible night for diversity.

Emmys 2017 Donald Glover

Awards shows are always a paradoxical mixture of joy and frustration, as long-deserving actors finally get their due and nominees you're passionately rooting for end up completely shut out.

Of course, it's all pointless, self-congratulatory nonsense at the end of the day, but with the big money and glory that comes with these glossy awards show wins, it's hard not to buy into all the hype.

While you might not agree with every win, this year's Emmys was a broadly satisfying show for the most part, for though it could've spread the love around a little more in some areas, there was a welcome diversity to the winner's set, and the constant stream of Donald Trump jabs gave the night an enjoyably angry energy.

In the Golden Age of TV that's arguably blowing away Hollywood right now, there's never going to be enough room for every great show to get their due credit, but the 69th Emmys nevertheless made a fine effort of representing an excellent cross-section of what the industry has to offer. With a few stumbles, of course...


6. Stranger Things & Westworld Get Shut Out

Stranger Things Eleven

Though it was great to see so many fantastic shows get their well-deserved awards, it was a shame that two of the last year's biggest cult favourites had to go home totally empty-handed.

Firstly, Netflix's terrific Stranger Things nabbed not a single award despite five nominations, and even worse, HBO's superb Westworld didn't score a single win from one of his seven nods.

Considering that the two shows were deemed mighty Emmy threats after scoring five Creative Emmy wins a-piece last week, it's shocking they fizzled out so decisively at the big one, especially without having to fight off the ineligible Game of Thrones. What a shame.

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