Emmys 2017: Who Should Win Every Major Award (And Who Actually Will)

Who will take Game of Thrones' crown?

Emmys 2017 Should Win Will Win

Awards season is well underway. The big festivals are in full swing, the 'worthy' movies set to be released, and chatter about the Oscars is ramping up - but it goes as much for TV as it does cinema.

With the new fall season kicking off, the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards take place this Sunday to honour the best of the small screen over the last year (and a bit), from the network sitcoms to the prestige dramas of HBO, Netflix, and FX.

There's added intrigue this year because there will definitely be a new winner in the biggest award of the evening, Outstanding Drama Series. Game of Thrones has taken the prize the last two years, but its delayed start means Season 7 isn't eligible until next year, and Downton Abbey ending too means there's a real influx of fresh names and faces.

The nominees are led by HBO's big hitters Westworld and Veep, Netflix's The Crown, and perennial Emmy favourite SNL, with all the other buzzy new shows, limited series, and TV movies - from Atlanta to Wizard of Lies - in the mix as well. A lot of the races are wide open, and there's plenty of room for shocks and surprises come Sunday night in the Microsoft Theatre.

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