Every Netflix 2016 TV Series - Ranked In Order Of Anticipation

13. Marco Polo (Season 2)

What was I saying about misses? They don't come any bigger - or costlier - for Netflix than Marco Polo, which was a rather high-profile, big-budget misfire. Based on the early adventures of legendary explorer Marco Polo, it received generally negative reviews, and failed to capture the audience and hype that the likes of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black had done. That was despite an estimated cost-per-episode of $9m for it's first season of 10 instalments, making it one of the most expensive TV shows of all-time. However, despite the muted reception, there was clearly something there (Netflix don't release viewing figures, so perhaps a lot of people really did watch it; certainly they targeted a much wider international audience with this one than they had previously), and a second season is on its way. Perhaps this will be the one where it really makes its mark.
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