Family Guy: 5 Believable Ways Brian Griffin Can Be Brought Back To Life

Because we all know he won't stay dead forever...

After his death shocked Family Guy fans worldwide late last month, it looks as though anthropomorphic dog Brian Griffin is set to rise from the grave. Viewers were horrified when the alcoholic animal was ran over and killed by an out-of-control car in 'Life of Brian' on November 24th, and a backlash immediately commenced, with Twitter going into a virtual meltdown and petitions being launched in an effort to bring Brian back from the dead. 120,000 people signed the aforementioned petition before it was closed down while 'tribute groups' on Facebook have amassed up to 87,000 'Likes'. And now, it looks like the likable author is about to be written back into the show, in the up-coming episode Christmas Guy, which will air for US audiences on December 15. It appeared as though Brian's death was permanent when the show tweeted "RIP Brian. #familyguy" from its official account on November 25, while Stewie's companion was even wiped out from the opening credits in subsequent episodes and replaced by Vinnie, another dog who was introduced in 'Life of Brian'. However, his demise is now looking more and more like a publicity stunt, and fans are wondering when - not if - Brian will finally be back on our screens. And if Brian is resurrected this month, here, we take a look at 5 believable ways it could happen.
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