Family Guy: 5 Reasons Why Bringing Brian Back From The Dead Was A Mistake

It might have been inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it was right.

Joseph Dempsey


Seth MacFarlane

After complaints sent Twitter into a virtual meltdown and a petition clocked up 120,000 signatures, Brian Griffin, the loved dog on Family Guy, is back from the grave.

Show writers had earlier made the incredible decision to kill off the anthropomorphic animal, who was run over by an out of control car in November’s season 12 episode ‘Life of Brian’.

Fans were left stunned and rallied to get the alcoholic author reinstated on the animation, and eventually got their wish when Stewie pulled off a time-travelling trick in last week’s ‘Christmas Guy’ episode that saw the toddler go back in time to the moment just before Brian gets hit by the car, and save the life of his best pal by pushing him out of harm’s way.

Bringing Brian back from the dead marks an incredible U-turn from show-creator Seth MacFarlane and his team of writers, who had earlier claimed they were trying to shake things up.

The move to breathe new life into the pooch has been a popular one with fans who missed the canine, but was it the right decision?

Though MacFarlane has taken a step back and given viewers what they wanted, he has still faced a backlash from critics, and here, we look at 5 Reasons Why Bringing Brian Back From The Dead Was A Mistake.