Family Guy: Stewie’s 10 Greatest Moments

The adult animated comedy Family Guy generates millions of viewers across the world each week, and even if you’re not…

Hayley May Phillips


stewie main pic

The adult animated comedy Family Guy generates millions of viewers across the world each week, and even if you’re not an avid watcher sharing in the dark sense of humour and twisted jokes, chances are you’ve heard of Stewie Griffin. The psychotic one-year-old with a penchant for barbed sarcasm and super intelligence – especially in comparison to his dysfunctional family – is probably the show’s biggest star, aside from the family guy himself Peter Griffin. Whether it’s plotting to take over the world – which he doesn’t do so much these days – or planning to kill his mother Louis, the football-headed toddler does it with the kind of style and attitude that characterises the most enduring of character creations.

Stewie is a diverse character, sometimes being shown as a baby, playing with teddy-bears and becoming transfixed by children’s television programmes, and at other times as a more adult figure with a knowledge of pop-culture that long predates him. It’s a wonderful contradiction that adds depth to the character, and makes his appeal all the more pronounced.

But what are his greatest moments? There are so many that choosing is a difficult endeavour to say the least. However, the true greats have been chosen, and we invite you to read on to find out Stewie’s ten greatest moments.

10. Brian And Stewie


To celebrate 150 episodes, an hour long special was screened featuring Brian and Stewie getting locked in a bank, followed by some musical numbers, and it is an episode that really shows off many aspects of Stewie’s personality at its best. The episode format is a bit of a cliché, but though the episode is about the honesty in the relationship between the two characters, there are a lot of humorous elements which break the tension: getting drunk and piercing Stewie’s ear, Brian eating from Stewie’s nappy and being chased around the room by a rogue bullet.

The episode is very different from the others as it is just one long scene, featuring only two characters, and it is the strength of the character’s personalities that makes the episode brilliant.

If a best part of the episode had to be chosen, it would have to be Stewie unfastening his dungarees saying ‘I know how to do the snaps’. This part always brings a smile because the normally quite adult Stewie is showing a trait that would be considered very sweet in a young child.