Final Space Season 2: 6 Reasons To Be Excited

6. Up Goes The Drama


Never let it be said that wacky animation doesn't also have serious credibility. There are several examples of this. Final Space made sure to be no exception.

Avocato's death was sad. Gary's episodic depletion of oxygen in space was tense and moving. Although it was essentially humour-based, Final Space still found time to deal out some heavy bouts of emotion. Was Final Space a comedy show with moments of seriousness or was it the exact opposite? It was this idea which helped provide a distinct sense of flavour and substance.

Now that Gary, Quinn, Little Cato, KVN and all he rest are that little bit tighter in the buddy department, viewers can expect more than one emotion-driven plot point. Reaching the realms of final space is set to push each protagonist to their limits, and viewers will take the ride for better or worse.

Exploring characters in further depth will be high up on the agenda in this new season. So amidst everything else set to happen, be prepared also to wipe away a few tears.

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