Fresh Prince

The Fresh Prince is the television equivalent of those songs that drops in a club or a house party to a instant wave of nostalgia engulfing your primary cortex, involuntarily making you utter some remark of pure adoration along the lines of “(crazy high-pitched noise) I LOVE THIS SONG!”

There’s a wealth of memorable scenes, catchphrases, a very memorable dance number, and a cavalcade of infectiously brilliant characters, nearly all of which received hilariously quotable scenes upon their inclusion.

Fresh Prince was a masterclass in comedic execution, effortlessly tying in racial and sexist themes alongside addressing class divides and the importance of relationships and family. In short, it’s pretty timeless, and outside of some period-specific celebrity-jabs, is still immediately watchable today.

Judging by the 18 million-plus viewers that have since enjoyed Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro’s reunion dance on Graham Norton back in May by way of Youtube, the show still has a very significant part in our hearts.

But where are the actors who played the characters we love, now? Let’s find out…

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This article was first posted on November 15, 2013