Friends: 10 Times Rachel Green Predicted The Future Of Fashion

Somehow, the world's biggest style icon is still a 90s sitcom character...

Warner Bros/Instagram

When you think of the legacy Friends has left over the last 20 years from when it first aired, what do you think? The ruining of the word 'pivot'? Ensuring that nobody ever uses the excuse of being on a break during a row? Saying "Joey doesn't share food" every time someone asks for some of your pizza? 

One thing that more than likely doesn't come to mind straight away is Rachel Green and her utterly amazing wardrobe. Sure you might think about how unfair it is that one person can look that amazing all the time, but, there's more to it than that. 

Let's just have a think about it, remember that crisp white shirt and short sleeve jumper combo on the last episode? Or how about the oversized denim shirt in Season 1? Whichever outfit you're thinking about I guarantee you've worn something similar, owned something similar or wanted something similar.

But it's not just you. In the decades since the show first aired the entire world has embraced new trends that bare more than a passing resemblance to Rachel Green's wardrobe staples. There are a million things that date Friends terribly ("hey Gunther, can i use the payphone?"), but if all you were looking at was Rachel's outfits you'd think it was filmed this very week. 

Follow us, if you will, on a journey that proves we're all still living in the fashion shadow of 90s sitcom character.


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