Friends: 10 Times Rachel Green Predicted The Future Of Fashion

10. The Lob

Warner Bros

Way back in Season One of Friends, Rachel captured our hearts and gave us major hair envy. Having run away from her wedding, Rachel entered the show with what can only be descried as a 'lob'. For those who are wondering if that's bob spelt wrong, it's not. A lob is a long bob. Coincidentally the major haircut trend for 2014.

With celebs such as Fearne Cotton, Alexa Chung and Jessica Alba currently fashioning the must-have lob, you have to admit it was Rachel who brought it to our screens. Fashioning a lob in Season 1-3 and bringing it back in Season 7 and 8. Rachel wore her iconic lob in a range of colours and styles, each as wonderful as the last.

Since Rachel first showed the world her lob, the celebrity culture has ventured in and out of it, with Victoria Beckham fashioning the iconic short-at-the-back-long-at-the-front lob in 2007 and Katy Perry venturing into the lob world in 2012. It's safe to say Miss Green is the person we should thank for this timeless hair cut.


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