Friends Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Dated Them - Joey Or Barney?

Which of sitcom history's most prolific lovers was it?


With Joey Tribiani and Barney Stinson, you know exactly what you're getting - at least for the majority of Friends and How I Met Your Mother. They're both great friends and would do anything for their groups, but they also have a hobby that becomes pretty definitive for both of them. They're both very into sex, let's say.

While both of them had fairly long-term relationships and revealed themselves to be hopeless romantics at heart, they were also the most active in terms of their relationships - both long and short term - of everyone on their respective shows. And those shows had a lot of dating in them both.

Whether Joey or Barney slept with more people is no doubt a subject for debate - and one that they'd both probably have argued their cases for pretty strongly - and we met a lot of their partners over the years. We heard about even more of their exploits too. But how much of it can you remember? Can you pick out each man's partners and identify either from specific dating events? Prove it!

Answers at the end!

1. Rhonda French

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