Friends Quiz: How Well Do You Know Monica Geller?

Can you ace this quiz, or will you pull a Monica?


When Friends first aired, Monica entered out lives as one of the most expressive, OCD driven, control freaks to hit the small screen. However, over the course of 10 years, she developed into arguably the sweetest and most lovable member of the entire group, falling for the most polar-opposite character in the show, eventually becoming Mrs. Bing. People always remember the Ross and Rachel saga, but the real role model relationship was Monica and Chandler.

Moving from restaurant to restaurant in search of her dream job to falling madly in love with Chandler, Monica may be the most underrated friend of the group. Are you as OCD about Monica as she is about cleaning? Do you know the difference between Big Fat Goalie and Harmonica? Only Chandler could answer all of these questions correctly, so see how well you can do.

1. Who Was Monica Originally Going To Hook Up With?


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