Friends Quiz: Phoebe's Song Lyrics - Fill In The Blanks

Smelly Cat is the lead single, but how well do you know the deep cuts?


Though they are all different in their own way, Phoebe Buffay is without a doubt the quirkiest, and most unique, of all the friends. Her life wasn't easy growing up, losing her mother and having no father to lean on. Before meeting Monica, Chandler, and Ross, and changing her life for the better, she lived on the streets, resorting to either begging for, or stealing money.

She never let this tough start to life get her down however, instead using it to fuel her creativity and song writing. So much of the music she blessed the Central Perk regulars with was based around her struggles and strife, but because this is Phoebe Buffay, these were paired with much lighter songs about washing in the shower, finding suspicious hairs, and of course, unhygienic felines.

For ten years, Phoebe and her guitar were a consistent source of pure entertainment, whether she was playing for the coffee house, for her friends, or even busking on the streets. But how well do you really know her classics? Prove you're a true Phoebe fan by smashing this quiz.

1. "My Mother's Ashes, Even Her Eyelashes, Are Resting In A ..."


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