Friends: Ranking Every Thanksgiving Episode From Worst To Best

1. The One With The Rumour (Season 8)

Friends Brad Pitt The One With The Rumour

Aka The Brad Pitt Episode. Jennifer Aniston's then husband guest stars as Will, a high school friend of Ross who holds a long-term grudge against Rachel for being mean to him back in school, and it turns out that he was President of the I Hate Rachel Club, whose other member was non other than Ross.

Meanwhile, Joey was committed to eating a whole turkey to himself. It's difficult to get past the Brad Pitt thing when talking about this episode, and the fact that it was Hollywood's then power couple together really did add to the sense of fun and occasion. However, even now the episode holds up outside of the fact that 'it's Brad Pitt in Friends', because it's rather brilliant in and of itself.

Will's hatred of Rachel is perfectly sold, while the twist of Ross being in the club is great, and then there's Joey putting on a pair of maternity, sorry, turkey-eating pants (and still saving room for "a little sliver" of pie).

Quote: "Well, I was afraid it might be true, you'd cry and then show it to me!" - Monica.

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