Friends Reunion: 18 Glaring Questions It Must Answer

15. Has Joey Finally Settled Down?

From his strict rules on sharing food to his past image as something of a Lothario, it is hard to believe that Joey may have in fact settled down with a woman and that he may even have children by now. He's a free bird, after all. When Friends ended, Matt LeBlanc reprised his role as Mr Tribbiani in the short-lived and frankly awful spin-off show Joey, but the final episodes of the show were never broadcasted due to low viewer ratings, so noone really knows what happened to Joey. If there's one over-riding reason for a reunion above all else, it's to give us all some Joey closure, particularly as he was given such a poor spin-off.

14. Do Phoebe And Mike Have Children Now?

When Phoebe agreed to act as a surrogate for her half-brother, Frank, Friends really pulled at our heart strings when it finally came to giving up the triplets to Frank and his wife, Alice, and it was pretty clear that Phoebe had a whole in her life that needed filling. Although we may never have considered Phoebe as a motherly type, she was driven by the need to make a family for herself, which of course underpinned the reason why she almost kicked Mike out of her life forever when he said he didn't want kids. So, did Mike actually go through with his change of heart? Did Phoebe have her fourth and fifth kids?

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