Fringe Finale: 9 Huge Questions That Must Be Answered


Fringe is quite simply one of the best TV shows of recent years. Admittedly it€™s not to everyone€™s taste, but for those that are fans of the genre you could hardly ask for more. From universe-jumping shape-shifters to time travelling future humans intent on our destruction- we€™ve certainly been on a unique and often disturbing ride. John Noble and Anna Torv have particularly shone with the demanding nature of their roles, focusing the story on their complex relationships rather than the events surrounding them. This was arguably the main cause of its downfall in these dark times in television reliant on instant gratification rather than anything more complex and revealing. Those expecting a different monster every week soon turned off as things became less formulaic leaving the remaining fans fighting to keep the show on air so it could reach its conclusion.

Well, they got their wish and this week sees Fringe finally come to an end. The latest season has been the perfect swansong, and if recent episodes and trailers are anything to go by we're in for a real treat in the finale. In build up to the climax (the first part of which airs Wednesday at 10pm on Sky1 followed by a two-part finale simul-casting with America Friday night from 1.10am) we take a look at the questions, themes and people we€™d like to see some resolution to before we bid them a fond farewell. Whether or not we get answers to everything I'm sure the final episodes will be ones to remember and, personally, I'm just looking forward to seeing how they've felt they should end the story.

There's not long to go, but in the meantime all we have is wild guesswork so grab a red Licorice twist and a root beer float, and click next to get started.


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