Game Of Thrones: 10 Greatest Warriors In The History Of Westeros

"Even now, I could cut through the five of you as easy as a dagger cuts cheese."

Game Of Thrones Greatest Warriors

Game of Thrones, and indeed the wider world of Ice and Fire, has given us many wonderful characters drawn from the annals of epic fantasy and medieval tales. Noble lords, sellswords, wise maesters, drunken fools, ice zombies, and plenty of dragons, there's no end to the type of character (or creature) you might meet in Westeros.

Few, however, capture the imagination like a great warrior. Perhaps it's because of the sheer amount of blood and brutality in A Song of Ice and Fire, where wars are waged and new battles always beginning, or it might speak to something of the romance in tales of dashing knights saving the day. Whatever the reason, hearing of fabled Westerosi warriors is beguiling - and thankfully, there are a lot of them.

Just on the show we've seen some truly ferocious fighters, from the Clegane Bros. to Jorah Mormont, Jon Snow to Brienne of Tarth. But as talented and fierce as they are, they don't hold a candle (or a sword) to some who came before. The world of Ice and Fire is full of incredible warriors, and while history can be sketchy (depending on point-of-view and/or how much George R.R. Martin has actually written/said on the matter), we do have a good idea of just who the greatest warriors of all time really were.

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