Game Of Thrones: 10 Last Minute Predictions For Season 8

Who lives and who dies? White Walkers or dragons? And what becomes of the Iron Throne?

Game Of Thrones Predictions

Game of Thrones returns to HBO this Sunday, April 14, for its eighth season, which just so happens to be its final season as well. After eight years, it all comes down to these last six episodes.

Having been off our screens for almost two years, anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as we wait to discover what fates will befall the heroes and villains of Westeros. Even by Game of Thrones' standards, secrecy and security has been at a premium, with just one trailer revealed that mostly consisted of footage from the first half of the truncated season.

It means that, as we head into the endgame of the Great Game, there's still a lot we don't really know about. The White Walkers are on the march, there'll be an epic battle at Winterfell, and... that's about it, in terms of major plot points. And where there's a lack of concrete information, there's conjecture. Thrones has been so tightly packed over the years that there are directions the story appears to be headed in, upon which we can make some last-minute predictions as the clock ticks down towards it FINALLY returning.


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