Watching Game of Thrones is much like watching an NFL game. We watch episodes on Sundays much like we do football games, rooting for our favorite characters, despising their enemies and secretly hoping they’ll get hurt and knocked out of the game (of thrones, in this case). And then the next day we gather with our friends and family or get on our favorite message boards to discuss the mistakes certain characters made that wind up having grave repercussions, much like the Monday morning quarterbacks on sports radio criticize those football players for the mistakes they made that cost their teams the game.

Like in football, hindsight is 20/20 in Game of Thrones. But in keeping with the glorious tradition of sports radio personalities desperate for ratings, I offer you the 10 most idiotic mistakes made by characters on Game of Thrones.

I tried to rank these mistakes based on the overall effect they had on all of Westeros, so let the debate begin…

Warning: spoilers ahead!


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This article was first posted on July 6, 2013