Game Of Thrones: 10 Things That Will Definitely Happen In Season 7

Jaime killed a King, now it's time he kills a Queen...


It's tough to admit it, but we're currently hurtling towards the final episodes of Game Of Thrones. Though there might be two seasons left, we already know that they're going to be shorter, with season seven confirmed to only contain seven episodes.

What this means is that the quicker pace seen in season six is only going to get quicker, as characters are moved about, killed off, and provided with the tools they need to play out the very last season.

After so much build-up, many of the show's main characters have the opportunity to make serious plays. What will Dany do when she reaches Westeros? And what's Jon Snow's plan now that he's King in the North?

As shocking as the show often is, the closer it gets to the end, the easier it is to see where everything is going.

10. It's Going To Snow In King's Landing


Winter is coming. Winter is coming. Winter is coming.

We've heard this stated innumerable times since the show first began, a phrase with both literal meaning and foreshadowing the inevitable arrival of the White Walkers. At the close of season six, we're told that winter has finally arrived, which again means two things: it's cold, and all hell is about to break loose.

One of the reasons why season seven has been delayed is so that the show's usually sunny locations are grim looking and grey, a sure sign of winter's arrival.

We all know Game Of Thrones enjoys its visual metaphors, so a scene in which snow begins to fall on the previously bright, sunny King's Landing would be an extremely powerful indicator of the city's current turmoil. In fact, the scene would set the tone for season seven in general very nicely, so I'm going to go ahead and predict that's how the season will begin: with snow falling on King's Landing.


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