Game Of Thrones Season 6: 10 Ups and 2 Downs From 'The Door'


10. Arya's Training Progresses

Game Of Thrones Arya Jaqen Faces

A girl has been given a second chance. And really, that's true in ways beyond what Jaqen means. Arya's storyline was struggling in the early goings of the season, but it's finally starting to feel like we're seeing some progress here.

Although she doesn't get to take a face from the wall, she is given another mission, meaning we're getting to see Arya as no one attempting to kill someone (though whether she goes through with it is another matter).

She also continues fighting the Waif, and gets a little better. Although beaten, she does at least keep coming back (including a pretty nice nip-up), and things are set up well for things between that pair to really come to a head. Arya insists she is no one, but there's plenty of the Stark left inside her.


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