Game Of Thrones: 11 Characters Who Will Probably Survive Until The End

9. Samwell Tarly


Why He'll Survive

If you believe some theories, Samwell Tarly already has survived, and is the person recounting the Song of Ice and Fire. Ignoring that, Sam has very much been set up as a hero of the saga, in the Samwise Gamgee mould. While Jon Snow might get to act the hero, Sam will be there offering invaluable support.

He's already got experience killing White Walkers, has his father's Valyrian steel sword, and is likely to learn some key information about them at the Citadel. His newfound bravery and knowledge stand him in good for the coming storm. Add in the fact he's the character George R.R. Martin identifies with, and he's got a good shot at survival.

Why He Might Not

Sam's come a long way in Game of Thrones, from the craven Ser Piggy to someone who stands up to his terrifying father, and now he's training to become a Maester. There'd be a tragedy to his death, plus he'll likely want to fight in the battle, but might not have the skills to survive in it.


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