Game Of Thrones: 15 Most Memorable Sex Scenes So Far

Game of bones more like.

Stannis Melisandre Sex Scene

There's a rather reductive image of Game Of Thrones that suggests it's all boobs and death. Sure, both have been a big part of the show's history but it's so much more than that: it's about politics, dragons, and supernatural intrigue besides, and it wouldn't have enjoyed as much longevity if it were so one dimensional.

At the same time though, ignoring how big a part sex has played in the show would be just as reductive: it has been used to torture, to terrify and to titillate; to show character progression, fatal individual flaws and incredible evil. It is, whether you care to admit it or not, a backbone of the show that seeks more than obligatory arousal. And there have been some stunningly memorable sex scenes since back in season one.

Unfortunately in Westeros, a sex scene isn't always memorable for the same reasons they would be in more conventional, sexy shows. Because there's nothing George RR Martin and HBO like more than messing with you, and pulling at your expectations in your most vulnerable moments. Sex is a weapon as much as it is a pleasure, and there are many things that have imprinted it on our minds.

That compulsion to provoke has led to some incredible hot sex scenes, some intriguing ones and some that will haunt every fan until their very dying day...

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