Game Of Thrones: 15 Most Memorable Sex Scenes So Far

1. Missandei And Grey Worm

Missandei Grey Worm

Who says you need a penis to have sex?

Missandei and Grey Worm have long been the Ross and Rachel of Game Of Thrones, all furtive glances and unrealised, impossible romance that never looked like it would lead to anything. They might have been liberated by Dany, but the circumstances of Grey Worm's upbringing, and his continued sense of duty seemed to suggest that he was eventually going to march off to a glorious death without any sort of distraction in his heart.

But then, with the chess pieces beginning to be set, and the final battle plans drawn up, Missandei came to Grey Worm to turn their adorable relationship towards a deeply sensual, exploratory conclusion. Sure, he now feels like even more of a dead meat walking character, but watching him deliver that "you are my weakness" line again now is almost enough to floor you entirely.

It's a scene to be absolutely treasured.

Which sex scenes from Game Of Thrones do you think belong on this list? Share your favourites below in the comments thread.

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