Game Of Thrones: 15 Most Memorable Sex Scenes So Far

15. Melisandre Farts Out A Murder Cloud

Melisandre Stannis Sex

Quick hint for anyone looking to seduce a man like Stannis: he will give up his morality and his commitment to his wife as soon as you offer him a son and power to continue his legacy. That might as well be his porn. Notice how quickly his stoic moral defiance gives way to hungry, grateful lust as soon as Melisandre changes her track her from just lobbing out a boob to pouring honey into his ear.

Despite questions of his virility (and thus his masculinity), he was able to get his way eventually, conceiving a shadow baby demon on top of his war table (which looked terribly spiky for bare bottoms). The sex was inevitably uninspiring - that was sort of the point - it's primal and ominous, and the pay-off of their "child" puts in on another plane entirely.

Let's just hope that Dany at least wet-wiped the war table down before planning her conquest of Westeros...

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