Game Of Thrones: 15 Most Memorable Sex Scenes So Far

13. Oberyn's Orgy

Dorne Orgy Game Of Thrones

For a show so notoriously lusty in its very genetics, it's amazing that there has so far only been one orgy of note. And trust it to have been led by the lascivious legend Oberyn, the sexy prince of Dorne.

Sadly, the majority of the Dornish sub-plot in Game Of Thrones has been a massive let-down, but Oberyn was an uncharacteristically brilliant shining star. He swaggered into the world of Westeros like Inigo Montoya with a hyperactive sex drive and opened up some of the most promiscuous eyes in King's Landing during an infamous brothel visit.

After Joffrey's death, the Dornish celebrate as only they know how, casting aside all restraint for a bisexual blur of limbs that feels like the show's freest expression of hippie love. What a shame this passion wasn't shown anywhere else by the Dornish...

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