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Game of Thrones, what can I really say? David Benioff and D. B. Weiss’ adaptation of George R. R. Martins fantasy drama series of novels is one of the most popular programmes currently on tv with a worldwide viewer-base of millions of dedicated fans. With a popular show comes the phenomenon of fan born Memes, gifs, and Game of Thrones is not emitted, it even has trended invented languages and baby names to proliferate into the English language and across the internet.

For me, it is the fan created videos where the best entertainment lies, between the 8-bit adaptation of the first season to the fantastic “Beer of Thrones” faux advert. But many musical pieces have popped up over the internet since the start of Game of Thrones’ premiere, many decent (if your into hip-hop check out Dominik Omega and The Arcitype’s remix to the theme) and most that are diabolically cringeworthy. Many Rains of Castamere inspired ballads, metal guitar covers and even videos of cats singing the opening tune (yes, this truly exist!) saturate youtube but there are some quality songs that are matched by equally brilliant videos. What follows are the four best that I have seen…

Okay, after the Cat video..

Obviously, spoilers will follow.

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This article was first posted on August 27, 2013