Game Of Thrones: 8 Clues For How It Will (And Won't) End

Informed speculation as to how TV’s biggest show will conclude.


A year ago, HBO admitted what many had speculated about for months: Game Of Thrones, the channel’s flagship show (and arguably the biggest TV show on the planet) would be coming to an end following season eight.

That left two seasons of the show to wrap up the labyrinthine plot with its cast of, if not thousands, then certain dozens of richly drawn, compelling characters… and further revelations were to follow. The two seasons would be truncated from their usual ten chapters, running to seven and six episodes each. The remaining episodes would run longer, reaching feature length.

More than that, as we found with season seven, the narrative would pick up its pace. What remained of the Stark family, separated by geography and tragedy for six seasons, would be reunited. Daenerys, last scion of the usurped Targaryen royal family, would finally arrive in the continent of Westeros to reclaim her birthright - and would come face to face with the King In The North, Jon Snow.

With the plot accelerating and subtlety on the backburner as season seven reached its climax on Sunday, it’s time to look at the way in which this show could, should and absolutely will not come to a conclusion.


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