Game Of Thrones: 9 Early Predictions For Season 7

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Life can be hard when you're a Game of Thrones obsessive. You get 10 weeks a year to watch the show, and then have a seemingly endless gap until the next run.

That's only going to get worse, because the gap between Seasons 6 and 7 is even longer than usual, with the show moving to summer because winter has arrived, and the run itself will be even shorter, reduced to just seven episodes as the series nears its endgame.

Although it's good news that they aren't dragging out the series just for the sake of it (Season 8 will be the last, and probably another reduced one), it's going to be hard to take just seven episodes when 10 is already barely enough.

The plus side to all this, though, is that there's extra time to speculate, theorise, and predict what's going to happen when the show returns. Season 6 already started picking up the pace and really moving things along, and with around 13 episodes left, Season 7 is going to have to continue that trend and then some.

With the series ending in Season 8, next year should see characters colliding, key players dying, and some major plot developments to get us ready for the Battle of Ice and Fire.

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