Game Of Thrones: 9 Fan Theories On How It Will End

4. The Others Are The Good Guys

White Walker Game Of Thrones

The Others are presented to us as the major villains of the story, which is easy to accept, but what do we really know about them? They're ancient beings, who come from the far North, are extremely difficult to kill, and have no love for humans.

They first appeared thousands of years ago, but were driven back by men and the Children of the Forest. But what if all this time we've misunderstood them, and they're really good guys? We know nothing about their culture, why they behave the way they do, or what their ultimate goal is. There's a couple of different lines of thinking on this, both centred around them not being the bad guys.

One is that they made a pact with the Children (who, according to the TV series at least, were their creators), that they would not come South and no men would venture beyond the Wall. It would then turn out to be breaking of that pact by wildlings and the Night's Watch has caused them to return.

Another possibility is that they have their own prophecies, and much like the humans of Westeros fear the approaching cold, the Walkers fear the fire. The return of dragons to the world may be the cause of their return, or it could be that they're actually coming to combat the true threat to the known world, one that comes not from the North but the South, the light not the dark: R'hllor.


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