Game Of Thrones: Every Season 7 Episode Ranked Worst To Best

From poop montages to all-out dragon warfare...

Game of Thrones Viserion Ice Dragon

When the dust finally settles on the seventh season of Game Of Thrones, it will probably be remembered as a divisive one. Though it was packed with fan-baiting moments, jaw-dropping set-pieces and story progressions so bewilderingly entertaining they were accused of being "fan fiction" (bafflingly), this was the moment the show probably got too popular.

It became cool to hate on the show, to criticise the story-telling or how much was happening, and unfortunately, some of the sloppiness in execution of some episodes did feed into that. There were issues with travel times (but then, who wants to watch a Hobbit-like travelling marathon all the time), there were issues with dropped storylines and unresolved mysteries, and there were issues with Arya's character development.

But none of it was fatal in the slightest. The show delivered that essential Thrones experience but with a faster pace, a greater agenda to pack more into each episode and an escalation of threat and war with the White Walkers. In short, it did absolutely everything it needed to do as the second last season in this show. You know, except for giving Ghost enough to do.

But which episode was the best of the season?

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