Game Of Thrones Finale: 10 Characters No One Expected To Make It To The End

How has a show this bloodthirsty let this lot slip through their fingers?


Game Of Thrones has been a helluva ride.

There’s been lots of twists, turns and shocks, most of them dripping with blood. Though it’s undeniable the recent seasons have stuttered slightly as the show has rushed to a close, it’ll still go down as one of television’s finest offerings.

One of the things that’s made it so famous and revered is its unflinching attitude to character deaths. Whether it’s killing off King Robert and Ned Stark in the first season, suddenly snatching Hodor away from us or the brutality of the Red Wedding, Game Of Thrones hasn’t pulled its punches.

Again, you could argue it has blinked and hesitated in later seasons, with fewer impactful deaths and more close escapes, but we’ve still seen Rhaegal, Jorah, Missandei, Theon, Cersei, and Jaime offed before we reach the ending, and a fair few more besides.

There’s definitely some plot armour in place; Jon literally came back from the dead while Daenerys, Arya, Sansa, and Bran were also predestined to reach the finale.

Typically though secondary characters haven’t enjoyed this protection, so it’s rather surprising that these 10 made it all the way to the end.


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