Game Of Thrones Has Finished Filming Forever


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All men must die, and all TV shows must end.

The finish line is now very much in sight for Game of Thrones, with the ever-reliable fansite Watchers on the Wall reporting that filming on the eighth and final season has now wrapped. Yes, that means Game of Thrones is done shooting FOREVER.

It also means, however, that they're well setup to deliver on their promise of going out with something truly epic. Filming started towards the end of October last year, which means it's taken around eight-and-a-half months to shoot Season 8. For comparison, Season 7, which had one more episode, took just over five months to film, and a similar amount of time was taken for Season 6.

The storylines being rushed was one of the major problems with Season 7, so hopefully this is an indication that they've really taken their time to gets things right. Among the things we can expect is the biggest battle sequence Thrones has ever included, which alone took 55 consecutive nights to shoot.

Although filming is done there'll still be a hell of a wait for Season 8 though, with extensive post-production required, especially as the battles get bigger and the dragons become more prominent. No air date has been announced yet, but sometime in spring next year seems nailed on. After that it's just six (probably feature-length) episodes, before Game of Thrones is done for good.

Well, until the spin-off at least.

What do you want to see in Game of Thrones Season 8? Let us know down in the comments.

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