Game Of Thrones Monopoly Review: All Men Must WIN!

You're in the big game now.

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It was always inevitable that there'd be a Game Of Thrones Monopoly: not only is it one of the great go-tos for merchandising opportunities, but there's also a good deal of synergy between the brands. Both are great games that seem to emphasise honourable competition, but which can quickly descend into family members turning on each other and distinctly murderous feelings. Similarly both are epic and teach a lot of key life lessons for fans.

The results of the marriage are typically great fun, particularly if you're a Game Of Thrones completist fan. The pleasure of being able to buy Winterfell (it's too expensive, but then it is a particularly symbolic place) and King's Landing far outweighs the lack of scope for all out war, and combining the two mega-sellers is a genius move.

In terms of quality, you get exactly what you'd expect; it's extremely well made, with obviously high production levels and the details - particularly on the player pieces - is glorious. There'll be fights over the iron throne, but again that's already something you'd expect from playing Monopoly.

Again, it's the little touches - the renaming of the Chance and Community Chest cards to€œValar Morghulis€ and €œThe Iron Throne€ is lovely - and you really get the sense that it's been made with knowledgable fans in mind.

Ok, so there are some oddities - like the retention of the Free Parking square with a car on it (despite the OBVIOUSissue with that) and the value of Winterfell - but all in all this is a near faultless addition to the Monopoly family.

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Game Of Thrones Monopoly is available to buy now.

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