Game Of Thrones Season 6: 8 Things You Might've Missed In 'The Broken Man'

It's never too late to come back.


Game of Thrones wasn't an action packed episode of Game of Thrones, but that doesn't mean it wasn't an important one.

The episode, which was good if not great, was mostly concerned with setting things up for the final few instalments, and indeed it did bring us closer to at least three of the big events we can expect in episodes 8, 9, and 10: the Siege of Riverrun, the Battle of the Bastards, and Cersei's trial by combat.

That meant that while it wasn't the fasted-paced or shock-filled episode, there were a lot of details stuffed in to make sure that all of the various plots that were included in the episode (and a couple of big ones were given a break, such as Dany and Bran) reached the stage they need to be to carry things forward.

It had the long-theorised return of one of the most popular characters in the history of the show, and made us think we were saying goodbye to another. Then there was everything that might not get picked up on, such as Sansa's letter. Presumably to Littlefinger, this has since seemingly been confirmed thanks to the internet, with the image being lightened and revealing this was indeed the case. That's one example, and a bit of an outlier in that it technically wasn't in the episode, but there's plenty that was which was easy to miss.


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