Game Of Thrones Season 7: 10 Major Predictions

9. ...But She Will Be Reunited With Her Family...

Bran Sansa Arya Stark Game Of Thrones

One of the main reasons that it's difficult to see Arya crossing off any names is the path her character is on. After returning to Westeros last year, she did admittedly cross off a name as her first task, but it's part of her homecoming. Arya is almost certainly going back to Winterfell.

The reunion between Sansa and Jon - who weren't ever close - in Season 6 was an incredibly poignant moment. Arya reuniting with her siblings promises to be even more so. Arya has travelled so far that going home is the most logical point for her character now (after all, she literally tells Jaqen that she's "going home"), while we also know Bran is en route back to Winterfell too.

That means we're getting a big Stark reunion at some point. In true Thrones fashion it probably won't be everything we want - there's a good chance Arya will get there when Jon's absent, denying us the most desired reunion of the bunch - but the three who are actually siblings will meet again.

There should be at least one more reunion for Arya too. While Gendry returning is the worst kept secret of Season 7, that pair could well be kept apart from a time, but what should be nailed on is a reunion with Nymeria, Arya's direwolf. The show needs to tie up some of those plot points, and Nymeria is still out there, while the shots in the trailer - of Arya looking very cold and alone - make for a perfect entrance for her old friend. Throw in a Hot Pie cameo too and you've got a merry season for Arya, who deserves a little bit of happiness.

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