Game Of Thrones Season 7: 9 Hints From "Eastwatch" Trailer

Dany the dragon.

Eastwatch Trailer Game Of Thrones

Being a Game Of Thrones fan is very much an existence of stark contradiction. On the one hand, you really want the seasons to last forever - which is precisely why the shortened format is so saddening - but then as soon as an episode airs, you start to immediately wish the next one was on.

Luckily - or annoyingly, perhaps - we get a trailer every week teasing what comes next. And with the emotional wounds of "The Spoils Of War" still very much burning in all of our hearts and minds, this latest trailer was very much needed. Sadly for anyone looking for an answer to that supposed cliffhanger, Jaime's not exactly a big presence, but there's still an awful lot going on.

We're going to see the fallout of the greatest battle in Thrones history, we're going to see Jon and Bran in actual conversation (probably over raven) and we're going to see Dany being the dragon Olenna always wanted her to be. Whether that's actually good for her conquest or not.

Here's the trailer...

So what does it all mean?

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