Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Episode Name Revealed: "Eastwatch"

Think the last battle was big? You ain't seen nothing yet.

White Walkers Eastwatch

With the fog of war still heavy in the air after the sublime final act of "The Spoils Of War", the title for the forthcoming fifth episode of Season7 has been revealed, and it's a big, big deal.

The episode is titled "Eastwatch" - a seemingly simple, unemotional title (in contrast with the more poetic ones used so far this season) - hints at the coming storm in the far North. This is where the battleline will be drawn once more, and unfortunately for the Wildlings situated there, it's not going to end well for them.

Eastwatch-By-The-Sea is of course notable as the end of the end of The Wall, and was the end-target of the Night King's march in both Bran and The Hound's visions as well as generally being a key strategic position to the North. That's why Jon sent Tormund up there with the Wildlings in the first episode and took him completely out of the action for the rest of the season.

It seems likely that Eastwatch is going to be the site for the mooted Hardhome II for this season, where we will see a second major battle between the living and the dead, and honestly, it's almost too exciting to take. Sadly, it's probably also going to be where some of the show's best supporting characters end up being killed off.

Click next for a few big predictions of what might happen (some spoilerish discussion for future episodes follows)...

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