Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 'Death Is The Enemy' Leaks

HBO has sprung another leak.

Death Is The Enemy Jon Snow

What with the HBO hack issue that seems set to rumble on until the pirates get what they want, the company has enough on its hands without their own allies exacerbating the situation.

Unfortunately for them, that's exactly what has just happened, as HBO Spain managed to do the unthinkable and aired the next episode of Game Of Thrones season 7 almost a week too early. They posted it online briefly - which is precisely the amount of time it takes for enough people to see it to make it a disaster.

The mess-up was reported by Watchers On The Wall (and was caught on Reddit too)...

This isn't ideal, particularly as it comes hot on the tail of episode 4 being leaked online in India (where arrests have been made) and in the midst of the larger HBO hack.

Naturally, the rest of the week is going to have to be spent negotiating the spoilers (both real and fake) that will come out of the leak. Truly, the week is long and full of terrors. Do yourselves a favour, watch it as it's supposed to be watched - with everyone else so you can participate in the live Twitter reactions like functioning fans.

HBO are yet to comment.

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