Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale: 10 Major Predictions For 'The Dragon And The Wolf'

"He has a song... His is the song of ice and fire."

Game Of Thrones Bran Rhaegar

Seven bloody hells, the end is upon us.

After what feels like absolutely no time at all, Game of Thrones is almost over for another year (and maybe even longer, with talk Season 8 won't arrive until 2019).

Seven episodes really isn't enough (to either sate our thirst nor tell the amount of story left), but the finale can at least bring Season 7 to a satisfying close, wrapping up some stories and setting the scene for the eighth and final season.

The bulk of the story is going to be taking place in King's Landing, as we get the follow-up from Beyond The Wall. A wight has been captured and will be presented in front of Cersei at the Dragonpit, where we'll see the biggest assembly of great characters ever on the show, and all manner of reunions and meetings.

We also need a resolution to the drama at Winterfell, and through the trailer and the recently revealed name - The Dragon And The Wolf - along with what's been happening in Season 7 thus far and where the show needs to head, there's a lot we can predict ahead of the finale.

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