Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale: Predicting Who Lives & Who Dies

All men must die. And soon, by the look of it.

Game Of Thrones

Even with the notoriously kill-happy second last episode of Game Of Thrones season 7 already out of the way, you have to feel that the Grim Reaper is not done withe Seven Kingdoms' famous inhabitants just yet (particularly as that last episode didn't kill nearly as many people as was initially expected).

The finale promises to be a showdown between warring factions to end them all with Dany's Targaryen Alliance coming face to face with the cold front of Cersei Lannister. It won't be a simple matter of diplomacy and courtesy - particularly with that much bad blood hanging around - and there's a pretty big spectre in the shape of Cersei's promised trap.

And then even away from King's Landing there's the small matter of Littlefinger's manipulation of the Stark sisters and the still relentless march of the white army (now emboldened by the acquisition of a dragon) up in the North. This season is not going to go quietly into the night, and all that remains now is deciding who is for the chopping block.

Let's be perfectly honest: Ghost ought to be on this list too, but since the show have conveniently forgotten he exists, he's not getting a mention here either. But at least he'll probably live because he's hiding.

So who lives and whose watch will be over?

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