Game Of Thrones Season 7: Will Dany And Jon Genuinely Get Together?

A snog of ice and fire?

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There's some pretty heavy flirting going on in Dragonstone at the minute, what with Jon Snow petting Dany's dragon in the most suggestive, erotically-charged encounter between a man and a giant lizard since Tom Cruise took his Scientology vows. But will we actually see Jon and Dany get together for real?

For a lot of fans, there's a fundamental question of morality here that needs to be addressed. Because of the underlying secret of Jon's true parentage (which he and Dany are of course unaware of), the pair are actually related as aunt and nephew. Surely, that would rule them out of having a relationship, just as Luke and Leia had to cool their jets when it turned out they were brother and sister, right?

Well, not really. There's significant precedent in Targaryen history to suggest that kinship isn't a big hurdle when it comes to marriage. Their ancestors often married each other despite being siblings to maintain a pure bloodline (hence the insanity in their shallow gene pool) and Dany is the product of such a relationship between Aerys and Rhaella, who were brother and sister. And it's not like she's a monstrosity.

Even outside of their gene pool, intermarriage between first cousins isn't classed as "incest" in Westeros - Tywin Lannister married his first cousin Joanna Lannister after all and there's just no taboo there. It's only immediate family - as with Jaime and Cersei and Craster and his daughters - that isn't tolerated. And frankly, now that the Faith Of The Seven has been blown up, even that boundary has fallen, which is why the Lannisters are so happy to be knocking boots openly (or at least Cersei is).

So there's no way the small matter of them sharing some blood is going to get in the way. What's more likely to do that is circumstance. For one, we don't know that both will survive the Great Game (even though they've both had episodes of immortality), and it's not entirely clear whether Dany actually loves Jorah Mormont. Or Daario Naharis for that matter. Any of those things could get in the way.

But it's impossible to shake off the feeling that there's something there that wasn't there before, to borrow the words of Beauty & The Beast (entirely on purpose too), and that Dany's dynamic with Jon is different to her other relationships. She seems to feel vulnerable to her senses around him - despite her judgement - and there is a definite primal urge there between them. If they don't get together, it will be a major surprise - or a huge twist that necessarily splits them up forcibly.

Let's entertain the idea though for another suggestion for a moment. What if the "Song Of Ice And Fire" that was long suggested to refer to Jon Snow actually refers to the child of their relationship? We know that Dany supposedly cannot bear children, but up until not that long ago, people couldn't back from the dead, White Walkers were a myth and dragons were extinct, so...

For now, Dany seems to be believing Mirri Maz Duur's prophecy about her infertility (and the circumstances of her miscarriage of Khal Drogo's son) as the truth, when in reality it is open to interpretation, just as ever major prophecy in the Seven Kingdoms is. It absolutely should not be ruled out.

It definitely feels like there is a reason Cersei's pregnancy has come into play this late in the game, and it could well be to draw a parallel with Dany's supposed inability to become pregnant. And it could well be that the prophecy of the Prince Who Was Promised is being slightly misinterpreted, and the real explanation is that Azor Ahai will be reborn as the child of the two Targaryens.

So far, the suggestions seem to be that either Jon or Dany themselves will be revealed to be Ahai reborn, but neither fully fits the prophecy (Dany has no ice to her, Jon doesn't fit with the finer details of the prophecy). Together, they do however and that might just be very important in the end.

What do you think? Could Dany and Jon get together and conceive a child? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.

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