Game Of Thrones Season 8 Ending: 10 Last-Minute Predictions For The Finale

How about another petition, huh kids?


The time has come. After eight seasons and one big, distracting petition, we've arrived at the end of days for Game Of Thrones. Over the past near-decade, we've seen countless characters (both beloved and despised) killed off, kingdoms felled, Great Houses toppled and some of the most heart-wrenching, mind-bending story twists in the history of TV.

Now the big question is how much the show can stick the ending. For around a million disgruntled fans, there is no way back from the explosive events of the penultimate episode, but there is definitely enough potential left in the final episode to suggest that there's lots yet to be decided. And best of all, there are probably enough twists to get another petition kicked off in the next few days. Hooray for fan entitlement.

So what could (and should) happen in the finale?

10. Jon Still Doesn't Turn Against Dany

Game of Thrones Jon Snow

Well, initially anyway. There's been a fairly well-established thread already of Jon defending Dany against people who have either legitimate fears about her or unfounded ones based on her being an outsider. In the past few episodes alone, he's defended her against Varys and Sansa and Arya and he's going to have to do a lot more of it now that she's burnt King's Landing to a crisp.

And he absolutely WILL still stand by his Queen, even after what's happened. If there's one thing this show has been careful to establish, it's that romantic dynamics (not involving Sam Tarly, anyway) are only to be thought of either as distractions or complications. Love makes people do idiotic things (like procreating a Jon Snow, for instance) or clouds judgement with passion. We've seen it repeatedly and characters have literally chosen to turn their backs on romance to focus (see Arya and Dany when she sent Daario away). It's an established thing.

We can expect Jon to continue that trope, even as it eats away at him and even as the likes of Davos (and possibly Arya) appeal to his better judgement. It'll be something else entirely that

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