Game Of Thrones Season 8 Fan Petition Picks Up 300 THOUSAND Signatures

Entitlement or a good case against Weiss and Benioff?

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It's absolutely fair to say that some people were disappointed with the last episode of Game Of Thrones. Just as it's fair to say that people have been disappointed with this season in general.

Even though we've seen episodes from it proclaimed the best ever by fans, there's a vocal element of the fanbase - and they're the ones currently dominating the conversation right now - who want it thrown out and remade entirely. You know, like the ones who wanted the Champions League final replayed last year because the people they wanted to win didn't win.

So far, almost 300,000 fans have signed a petition on to get HBO to remake the final season without creators and long-term writers Weiss and Benioff anywhere near it. Whether you think that constitutes enough of them to mean a great deal to HBO depends on what you think of the fact that 12.48 MILLION people watched the penultimate episode...

It's understandable that people would be disappointed when the direction of their favourite characters doesn't match what they want. It's also understandable that the pacing of the season has come under some scrutiny, because it's hurtling towards its conclusion after 7 seasons of more tentative, measured build. Quite why anyone would think the point where they're all inside the tinderbox would lead to anything but an explosion is beyond me, but still, complaints about changes happen all the time.

Will the petition do any good? No. Because 12m people didn't sign it. And the entire fanbase were not disappointed in The Bells. Spend some time looking on social media and the episode - just as the whole season - has inspired divided response. It just so happens that the negatives are currently being shouted louder than the positives.

What needs to be said at this point is that the turn on Benioff and Weiss, as if they have only just taken over the reins of the show or have only just started moving away from the source material is absolute garbage. This is THEIR show. They created this version of the characters and they have occasionally been wildly different from George RR Martin's source material even before they took over the books. So if you want the show remade not in their image, you're going to have to remake the whole thing and take away all previous praise of them.

Just saying.

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