Game Of Thrones Theories: 15 Epic Season 7 Moments Still To Come

Forget Winter, brilliance is coming.

Night King Dragon S Eye

Tragically, we're almost at the mid-point of the penultimate season of Game Of Thrones. There are just 10 episodes of the show left to air, and frankly that's a trauma more difficult to take than Hodor's death.

At the pace the seventh season is currently hurtling towards the finale in just a few short weeks, it won't be long before Winter Comes and the great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms come to realise just how foolish they were to even care about a silly throne made of swords. The good news for anyone worrying about the fragile mortality of the show (and its characters), though, is that there is still plenty that needs to happen before the credits roll on the season finale and we're catapulted into the Long Night without Thrones again.

We have to see lots more death, at least a couple of huge battles, even more death, family reunions and huge, fan-pleasing character returns and a big old slice of death. Sorry for the repetition, but it's really, really crucial that you stop being so attached to all those great characters.

So what are the most anticipated speculated (and confirmed) scenes we are yet to see in the season?

Warning: As well as theories and rumours, there is a SPOILER warning in full play here.

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