Game Of Thrones: Joffrey's 10 Most Slappable Acts Of Dickery

Reliving the most slap-deserving moments of everyone's least favourite blond-haired douchetrumpet.

SPOILERS ahead. You've been warned. Seriously. Alright, you're still here, so you asked for it €“ Joffrey's dead! Like, super dead. Not Thoros-resurrection dead, not crippled like his uncle-father, not even made comatose like Bran. He's dead, and there's no bringing him back. If you wondered what the huge cheer was last night that yanked you out of peaceful slumber, it was every Game Of Thrones fan celebrating the fact that the GRRM character-murdering machine finally arrived at Joffrey's doorstep, and devoured the boy-King with relish. Fair's fair, you've got to hand it to Jack Gleeson €“ he seems like a nice guy in real life, and having already become sick of celebrity is now going to retire to academia. But that interesting story will always be the footnote to what he's done on Game Of Thrones, simply because of the colossal dickitude he managed to conjure up while wearing Joffrey's crown. Though originally loathsome on the page, there was just something about Gleeson's performance that made you want to slap him all the more, and wait feverishly for a comeuppance that would presumably never come. But now it's here, having blindsided him at his own wedding and given the most awful villain on TV a proper, inglorious send off. Quite right too €“ he was strangely subdued in the season four premiere, only turning up more dressed like a curtain than usual to hurl insults at his uncle-father, but 'The Lion And The Rose' put him front and centre, letting him play his awful little song before ushering him off the great beyond. So in honour of the douche-king's departure, we thought we'd knock together a list chronicling his 10 most awful moments to tune up your slapping hand (go practice on a tree, that works best) and let loose all over his smug little face. Enjoy! Oh, and again, SPOILERS abound, naturally.

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