Game Of Thrones Season 4: 5 Spoiler-iffic Scenes We Can’t Wait to See

5. The Resurrection Of Catelyn Stark

Catelyn Stark The TV-only fans will see one of their favourite characters come back to life, probably right towards the end of the season. The red hair should really have been a clue all along, as those with that trait seem to be often involved in the religion of the Lord of Light. Essentially after her death at the Red (Another clue?) Wedding, she is resurrected by the Brotherhood Without Banners. She swears revenge on the Freys and Boltons for killing her and her son. Apart from her resurrection we don't actually see a great deal of her in the next book (and probably season) but she does execute a couple of unimportant Freys almost immediately. Later on however (and possibly in this season), she becomes Lady Stoneheart and captures Brienne of Tarth. At the point of hanging, she makes Brienne vow to kill Jaime Lannister although the result of that we really won't see next season.

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