Games Of Thrones Season 7: What 'Beyond The Wall' Really Means


Game Thrones Beyond Wall Jon

Stop all the clocks. But actually, wipe away your tears, because it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Yes, we lost a couple of heroes and some conveniently newly introduced characters, but it could have been a lot worse.

It could have been Tormund. And then there would have been Hell to pay.

It almost goes without saying now that the latest episode of Game Of Thrones was the best one yet. The fighting wasn't as impressive as the Loot Crate Attack and the writing wasn't as strong as elsewhere this season, but the drama and the tension was on a whole different level to anything we've seen. In a series so focused on characters fighting against adversity and impossible odds, dropping a company of the very best characters into a murderous squall of zombies was the perfect escalation.

It was a beautiful, almost impossible to take ballet of violence, human drama and emotion, and it left very little in the tank. That feeling of exhaustion and elation you felt at the end there is also the perfect testament to just how good it was. And even better, it's immediately very clear that the next episode has A LOT to fit in thanks to the shockwaves this stunning episode as sent out.

And while you're all wondering how the hell the finale can possibly get any better than that, let's have a look at what it all meant...

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